June 18, 2024

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Health is the main investment in life

Oral health can provide path to better health and wellness

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Arizonans are becoming more aware of the vital link between oral health and overall well-being. This understanding about holistic wellness is influencing at-home oral health care and increasing routine, preventive visits to dentists. To advance our mission to create a better path to health and wellness, Delta Dental of Arizona is focused on engaging the community around whole person health, supporting innovative programs and providing equitable access to care.

A core element of this work is in the continued measurement and analysis of behaviors and trends. We are proud to present the “Examining Oral Health and Wellness in Arizona” 2023 report, which provides unique insight into oral and overall health behaviors in our state.

Most Arizonans (96%) believe that their oral health is very, if not extremely, important to their overall health. The report demonstrates a strong knowledge among the various generations of the impact of preventive oral health care and identifies the significance of dental insurance in obtaining care. Additionally, 96% of parents in Arizona think their child’s oral health is important to their overall health and are actively making sure their children adhere to recommended oral care guidelines.

The Adult Oral Health Survey also reports the ways in which individuals think about oral health and approach their own care is directly linked to their generation. While most Arizonans (77%) understand the direct connection between oral health and overall health in general, Baby Boomers are less likely than other generations to know of the connection oral health has to dementia, kidney disease, chronic lung disease, high blood pressure and respiratory health. Baby Boomers are also more likely to brush their teeth in order to prevent tooth decay (80% versus 60%), while younger generations list cosmetic reasons along with preventative measures.

Additional generational findings:

  • Baby Boomers and Gen Xers are significantly more likely than Millennials to agree that preventative checkups reduce the chances of experiencing serious dental health issues (71% versus 47%).
  • Gen Xers and Millennials are afraid to go to the dentist in higher numbers than Baby Boomers and, curiously, Gen Z residents (20% versus 7%).
  • Gen Xers and Millennials are the most likely to have lost sleep due to a dental issue than Baby Boomers and Gen Z (31% versus 16%).
  • Each of the younger generations are more likely than Baby Boomers to agree that having dental insurance is essential to protecting one’s health (88% versus 70%).
  • Millennials and Gen Z residents are most likely to want better coverage for braces and retainers than their older counterparts (47% versus 12%).
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Michael Jones

Delta Dental of Arizona is committed to continue driving and leading partnerships, collaborations and engagements focused on creating a path to better health and wellness. Earlier this year, Delta Dental of Arizona, through its Foundation, awarded grants to 33 non-profit organizations totaling more than $740,000 to support projects and services promoting good oral health practices and increasing access to dental care among underserved children, pregnant women, seniors and – for the first time – adults. The Foundation board was intentional in updating its guidelines as there are thousands of individuals in our community that struggle with food insecurity daily. These individuals and their families likely also have unmet dental needs, and without access to proper nutrition no amount of preventive care or education can protect them from long-term oral health issues.

In addition to this, after piloting the program for nearly a year at Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix, an Age-Friendly Healthcare System recognized by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, Delta Dental of Arizona and the Banner Health Foundation are pleased to announce the expansion of the Hospital Oral Care and Periodontal Disease Education (HOPE) program protocol to Banner’s 28 acute-care hospitals across Arizona, California, Colorado, Nebraska, Nevada, and Wyoming. The expansion will enable all Banner medical centers to implement the oral health protocol, potentially serving up to 300,000 patients each year.

And effective April 1, 2024, most our dental plans will give children and adults with special health care needs access to increased benefits. These benefits will include additional visits to the dentist’s office and/or consultations that can be helpful prior to the first treatment to help patients learn what to expect and what is needed for a successful dental appointment; extra dental cleanings; and necessary treatment delivery modifications.

Finally, we are working to support access to health and wellness statewide through our work with Neighborhood Outreach Access to Health (NOAH) on Dental Connect, the Delta Dental of Arizona Oral Health Clinic at St. Vincent de Paul,  Phoenix Children’s Hospital and many more.

For more information, please visit www.deltadentalaz.com.

Michael Jones is president and CEO of Delta Dental of Arizona as well as president of the Delta Dental of Arizona Foundation. Since 1972, the organization has worked to provide affordable coverage to a wide variety of employers, groups, and individuals in each of our 15 counties – urban and rural communities alike – as well as advocate for preventive care and the direct connection between oral health and overall health.







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